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Audiobridge Adds LyricFind's Andrew Stess As Advisor

AUDIOBRIDGE, a new music recording app, has hired LYRICFIND board member and former Chief Revenue Officer ANDREW STESS in an advisory role.

STESS is a former CEO and founder of AMPLIFIND, acquired by SONY in 2011. He was also VP Of Consumer Electronics at ALL MEDIA GUIDE (AMG), and in his current role as founder of STESSCO CONSULTING GROUP LLC. Working with music and tech startups is a specialty for STESS, having spent the last nine years as a sales consultant and business development strategist for promising startups including DASH RADIO and MUSIC STORY. In addition, STESS has closed deals and networked with the biggest music media companies in the world, including APPLE, AMAZON, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE/YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, VEVO and FENDER.

Said STESS, “I love what [Founder/CEO] MATT MILLER and the AUDIOBRIDGE team is building and I am eager to work with them to help them grow and guide them to the next stage. I love collaborating with fresh new startups and they are well positioned to be very successful."

AUDIOBRIDGE recently launched a WEFUNDER campaign and a new suite of digital recording features aimed at helping musicians record music with the help of artificial intelligence.

MILLER added, "It's been great having someone with ANDREW's experience understand our vision and provide a fresh perspective. We've had great conversations so far and he's already brought us tons of insight on the best approach in taking AUDIOBRIDGE to the next level. The team here is super excited to continue to learn from him and deepen this relationship as we grow."